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The 8th China International Flooring Industry Exhibition

In addition to several machines that often meet with you in Guangzhou, it is worth mentioning that the concrete dust-free grinding machine: GDY850 is fully put into the market. The net weight of this model is 596kg, which is a floor grinding machine' > large floor grinding machine. The machine is equipped with an automatic walking function, and the comfort of the construction personnel is greatly improved. The planetary floor grinder is more convenient to operate, and the 850 cm grinding range greatly enhances the construction efficiency. The four small plates are reversed, the market is stable, zero torque, and the ground that is ground is more flat and more beautiful. The best choice for curing floor grinders.


The 700P has also been fully upgraded. In order to improve the comfort of the operator, we also installed an autonomous walking system on the 700P to make the construction of the hands easier. The problem that stone grinding machine manufacturers pay attention to is whether the machine can be efficient and durable.



The small concrete laser leveler works well in concrete paving. The most commonly used in the construction is the hand-held laser leveling machine, which has strong operability and has been constructed in transition and small area.
Guangzhou Asia-Pacific Ground Exhibition is the display of the strength of various businesses that are the floor, and the best platform to showcase their products. The production technology, construction procedures and maintenance methods of concrete laser levelers are very good at the scene. The reply, the concrete dust-free grinding machine is already a common problem. Our sales elites gather at the scene, which is Zhuge Liang in the floor industry. I am afraid that I can't find the answer you want?



We have always focused on the innovation and promotion of the hardening of the ground, combined with various flooring construction experience, developed a CFS series of grinding machines and laser leveling machines with humanized design, and the development and production of floor materials have also achieved outstanding results.
The most comprehensive floor equipment integrator in the north is fully committed to achieving the goal of mutual benefit and win-win for the floor.
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