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Dust-free construction: the importance of industrial vacuum cleaners in floor construction

 At the time of floor construction, the floor grinder generates dust as long as it grinds the ground, thereby generating dust. So how much trouble does dust have on people? One will affect the construction of the floor. It is necessary to clean the ground from time to time. Not only does it require an extra manpower, but the construction speed will also slow down and reduce the construction efficiency. The other is harmful to human health. According to practice, if the human body is long-term and long-term Inhaling a large amount of dust can cause cement pneumoconiosis.
  In the construction of the floor, it is necessary to create a dust-free and healthy working environment. The industrial vacuum cleaner is an important equipment. It is a professional dust-removing device. It can be used together with the floor grinder, while grinding and vacuuming. The dust of the ground is reduced, and the dust is no source. Therefore, in the context of strict environmental protection, a floor grinder with an industrial vacuum cleaner has become the standard configuration for most floor people.


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