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Tianjin Kaida Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures floor grinding machines, laser leveling machines, solidifying agent and grinding plates. In the first three years of the operations, 20 Kaida technicians have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of floor products, testing the quality, safety and operation of the products . The company has registered KAIDA and CFS trademarks which have associated with top notch quality and impecable service delivery.The kaida team has always strived to produce uniquely designed and high-quality products which have consistently gained recognition and received great reviews from consumers worldwide. The companys philosophy is to serve intently, provide quality and constant innovation . We have sucessfuly completed more than 1000 floor related projects in China, and we warmly welcome all our global customers to test and buy our products.

750mm Remote Control 380V 15Kw Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder Concrete Grinding Machine



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