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How to judge the gear rotation of the floor grinder?

750mm Remote Control 380V 15Kw Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder Concrete Grinding Machine
In the construction of the floor, the floor grinding machine is a very important floor grinding equipment. During long-term use, some faults may be encountered during the operation. The gear rotation is an important issue. How to judge the floor? Is the gear of the grinder rotating?
1. Listening to the sound, the processing noise of the floor grinding machine with good processing precision can be compared with the belt drive.
2. Look at the material selection. The high quality equipment will consider the mechanical heat dissipation performance of the mechanical dry grinding, so the aluminum alloy material will be selected.
3. Look at the ground grinder to match the gap accuracy, and turn the grinding disc by hand to test the fit clearance.
4. The durability of the floor grinder has a great relationship with the design of the box. After determining the material of the box, look at the weight of the mechanical grinder.


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