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The ground is too loose to ash and sand, how to deal with the floor grinder?

In our daily life, the concrete floor will have various problems in the process of use. For example, the ground is loose and ash is sanding, and the curing is chosen to solve the problem, but it is difficult to cure the ground too loosely. How to build it? And what is the treatment of the floor grinder in this construction process?

1. Reduce the weight of the machine and reduce the pressure by changing the small floor grinder or adding iron.

2. Increase the speed and forward speed of the floor grinder.

In addition to the floor grinder, the choice of hard materials based on hard abrasives, more wear-resistant grinding discs, or the same number of grinding discs. The floor material is a two-component composite concrete permeable liquid hardener FS-801 (Platinum No. 2), which is specially designed for loose ground, effectively improving the hardness of the ground and solving the problem of ashing and sanding on the ground.

Regardless of the floor grinder, or the abrasives and materials, it is necessary to choose the right one according to the ground, which is beneficial to the floor construction.


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