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If the floor grinder can't be hit by the hard ground, what should I do?

The floor grinder is a mechanical device specially used for grinding the concrete floor. It can grind, level and polish the ground so that the attachment and loose layer on the floor surface can be removed. However, the actual concrete floor conditions are different, soft and hard, or ash, or broken, or uneven, etc., if you encounter a hard ground, and the hardness is too high, even the floor grinder is playing If you don't go down, what should you do at this time?

1. Increase the weight of the machine and increase the pressure. You can change the method by changing the large-scale floor grinder or adding heavy iron.

2. Use soft-based abrasives, sharper grinding discs, or the same number of grinding discs.

3. Reduce the speed and forward speed of the floor grinder.

4. Wet the concrete surface or take a wet grinding method.

Regardless of the floor grinder, or the abrasives and materials, it is necessary to choose the right one according to the ground, which is beneficial to the floor construction.


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