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How to achieve solidification modification on old ground

  Various types of concrete floors are widely used in modern factories, home improvement, warehousing and logistics, underground garages, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc. These floors enter the aging stage during long-term use, as well as external friction, impact, and chemical corrosion. The effect is that there will be phenomena such as ash, sand, scratches, stains, and partial damage on the ground. Therefore, it is very important to study the various floor technologies of concrete and how to renovate the old ground.
  Old ground refurbishment Whether it is redoing or retrofitting other types of ground, it is necessary to grind and level the ground before proceeding to the next step.
  For floor construction, the driven floor grinder with industrial vacuum cleaner can achieve dust-free grinding of the ground, providing a dust-free and healthy working environment during the construction of the ground.


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